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7 Reasons Flat Roofs Are Best for Commercial Buildings

Traditional roofs are the option of choice for most residential buildings. However, big commercial building systems need more durability and protection than conventional roofing systems. This is why many commercial buildings don’t have the typical sloping roofs you’ll find in residential homes; having a flat roof isn’t just an aesthetic option. 

Here are seven reasons it is best to use flat roofs for commercial buildings:

1. Better Protection From Fire

A study published in the Journal of Fire Protection Engineering shows that roof fires in buildings with flat roofs are controlled faster and with less water than those with sloped roofs.

Flat roofs are also less flammable than traditional roofs because they are made with fire-resistant materials. Sprinkler systems can also be installed for added protection.

2. Better Ventilation

Traditional sloped roofs have lots of problems with ventilation, including the difficulty of installation and air circulation. On the contrary, flat roofs have no such issues.

Moreover, the ventilation system is easy to install and provides proper airflow to the building. This is because there are no obstructions that can impede the airflow. For this reason, flat roofs are a better choice than sloped roofs.

3. Extensive Space

Flat roofs offer more space for the building owner, especially during the rainy season. The rainwater is collected quickly, and the drainage system is efficient.

The flat roofs also offer a large area for installing solar panels and solar fans. They can also be used as extra space to keep vehicles or other heavy machinery. Most flat roofs provide open space for aesthetic purposes such as sitting areas, swimming pools, or storage rooms.

4. Cost-Effective

Sloped roofs are expensive compared to flat roofs because they require thicker and more substantial materials. This is because sloped roofs are subject to a lot of wear and tear, making them more susceptible to damage.

Moreover, compared to flat roofs, sloped roofs cannot be installed on all types of buildings because they are not suitable in buildings more than two stories high. Thus, flat roofs are more versatile than sloped roofs, making them more cost-effective.

However, flat roofs also need to be properly maintained; otherwise, they can give you the same problems as the traditional sloped roofs.

5. Better Manufacturing

Flat roofs can be easily manufactured using the latest technology. Their surfaces can be quickly glazed to keep them cool in the summer and prevent snow and ice accumulation in the winter. 

The flat roofs needed to be able to withstand winds up to speeds of 60 miles per hour, which is beyond the capacity of conventional sloped roofs. Additionally, typical flat roofs made with the latest innovations and highly durable materials enable flat roofs to last up to 50 years. 

These innovative flat roofs can also be manufactured in a wide range of colours and textures to match the design elements of any building.

6. Better Flow of Sunlight

The slanted surfaces of sloped roofs reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the rooms they overhang. On the other hand, a flat roof has large open spaces and thus lets in more light than a sloped one. 

Another advantage flat roofs hold over sloped roofs is that the flat roofs do not reflect sunlight into the room like the sloped roofs. The sunlight is directly absorbed by the roof, contributing to decreasing heating and cooling costs.

7. Better Heat Management

Heat management is better in flat roofs than in sloped roofs because there is more exposure to sunlight in flat roofs, and the roof absorbs the heat. On the other hand, the sloped roofs only reflect the sunlight, which would waste energy.

However, flat roofs are not desirable in colder regions because they are exposed to severe frost and snowfall. Nevertheless, flat roofs are better suited for warm climates and sunny regions.


The next time you plan to construct a new commercial building, opt for a flat roof instead of a traditional sloped roof. Flat roofs are best for commercial buildings because of their efficiency and longevity, aside from aesthetics and design. 

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