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Top 5 Common Misconceptions on Metal Roofs, Debunked

There are many misconceptions about metal roofs. Some of the most prevalent fallacies about metal roofs will be dispelled in this article. 

Because industrial buildings and barns have a long history of having metal roofs, residential homeowners are less inclined to choose them.

Metal roofs are starting to appear more often in the residential sector nowadays, and for a good reason. Metal roofing is a dependable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing option for homes. 

Although they are becoming increasingly popular, metal roofs are still frequently misunderstood. 

Consequently, if you were considering acquiring a metal roof but were worried about any of the following beliefs, we are happy to reassure you that they are just that: myths. 

Let’s take them down and learn where to find metal roofers in Saskatoon: 

1. Metal Roofs Get Loud When It Rains

Perhaps you’ve heard the sound of rain on a roof during a deluge while inside an old barn. However, if a house has a metal roof, you shouldn’t expect the same thing. 

The roof deck utilised with metal roofing on homes is used for sound insulation and to provide structure to your roof. Noise is reduced by the insulation found in the roof deck of any given roof. 

Therefore, metal roofs are as quiet as similar roof types and are frequently quieter than asphalt or clay roofs.

2. Metal Roofs Draw Lightning 

In reality, lightning strikes whatever it is nearest to. An overabundance of electricity attempts to discharge when lightning hits, and when it strikes the soil, it tries to discharge into the ground. 

The simplest way is to find what is closest to it. Telephone poles and trees are hit the most frequently since they are the tallest. Metal roofs are among the best to have if your home is struck by lightning since, although being a conductor, metal doesn’t really “attract” lightning. 

Metal is non-combustible and helps to transfer energy evenly throughout the construction of your home. This suggests that, unlike many other materials, a metal roof won’t catch fire if lightning strikes your house.

3. Metal Roofs Are Readily Dented By Hail

In actuality, metal roofs are more durable than asphalt roofs. Any roof can sustain damage from hail when it is large enough, but metal roofs won’t be dented or harmed until the situation is dire. 

Metal roofs are a better alternative for homes in many locations where extreme weather conditions are frequent, owing to their longevity. 

Your roof’s appearance and weatherproofing may be affected since even a little hail may easily tear off the weatherproofing granules on an asphalt roof. 

On the other hand, metal roofs are a better option for severe weather since they only suffer noticeable damage from very large hail. If you’re interested, you can also learn more from metal roofers. 

4. Metal Roofs Heat Your House

Said, this is false. Metal roofs reflect the UV rays frequently absorbed by asphalt roofs.

Additionally, metal roofs absorb solar heat far more quickly than asphalt roofs, reducing the heat load on your home. 

With a properly installed metal roof, you may expect up to 40% energy savings on heating and cooling costs while maintaining a more consistent interior temperature.

5. Metal Roofs Will Rust

Due to technological developments, metal roofs that were essentially just sheets of pure metal in the past no longer rust. Modern metal roofing materials are made specifically for roofs, which allows them to withstand bad weather conditions like rusting. 

Metal roof installation in Saskatoon is connected by a galvanised coating of complex alloys that resist corrosion. A metal roof will stay free of rust for decades after installation since it is coated with special roofing paint that is made to withstand the effects of weathering.


It’s critical to dispel common misconceptions about metal roofs. Any home or company may benefit from metal roofs, which have several advantages over other roofing. Metal roofs can assist lessen noise pollution since they are strong, fireproof, and energy-efficient. If you’re thinking of a metal roof installation on your home or place of business, do your research and talk to a certified roofing contractor to get the best results.

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