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The Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Roofs are not only installed to protect you from the harsh weather but also to make sure that your property is well protected from other elements that can cause structural damage. But even though your commercial roofing prevents your building from moisture, wind, and other factors, it is vital that its roofing material is in good condition and is regularly inspected to ensure that it can withstand these elements. 

After all, your commercial roof can fall prey to the harsh weather if it’s not installed correctly and well maintained. Even worse, it could cause leakage and other problems in your house that could make your property vulnerable.

Here are the common causes of commercial roofing leaks:

An Older Roof

The roof is one thing people often overlook when it comes to commercial building renovations. As time goes by, the roof needs to be designed with the most modern roofing materials and installation methods to ensure that it can withstand harsh weather for a long time.

Most of the time, the roof can withstand for about 15 years. If your roof is nearing 15 years and hasn’t undergone any renovations, it’s better to consider replacing the roof.

Insufficient Drainage

Drainage in commercial buildings is essential because it can help prevent flooding and moisture from getting into your property. In most cases, there are drainage systems in place that are placed over a slope. However, if the incline is not steep enough, you will see several problems, like leaks inside your house or even flooding.

To find out if your drainage is sufficient, check the slope of your roofing and make sure it’s steep, or else there’s a need to slope it again.

Membrane Openings

The odds are that there are systems mounted on your commercial roofing, such as HVAC units, pipes, vents, and many more. They can be obstacles when installing the roof membrane because:

  • They can puncture the membrane.
  • They can be in the way of the installation of the membrane.
  • They can make the installation process of the membrane harder.

Installing the membrane over something that could puncture it is not recommended. It will endanger the integrity of the roof and the system. Moreover, it will allow water to enter your roof and cause a bigger problem than a small hole.

Flashing Around Roof Penetrations

Some flat commercial roofs use flashings or metal pieces inserted into the roof penetration to create a watertight seal. Although they serve their purpose of keeping water from leaking into the building, they can be unsightly and detract from the roof’s overall appearance. 

Moreover, they can cause leakage over time, especially if the flashing is not sealed correctly or if the roof has an underlying problem that causes water to seep through the flashing.

Final Thoughts

With roofing, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind. For one, you need to ensure that your roof is in good condition and that it can protect your home from the elements. You must also establish that your roof looks good to improve your home’s appearance.

If you want help with these things, contact a roofing company. They can help you with all your roofing needs to have the best possible experience with your roofs.

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