How Much Commercial Roof Maintenance Is Really Enough?

If you have a roof warranty for your commercial, chances are that the warranty requires you to take reasonable care of it over its life. But what do they really mean when it comes to “reasonable care?” Do they mean that you need to check on the roof every single day for the first sign of damage to get it fixed, or does it mean you can just peek at it once a year or so and make any fixes that may have occurred and is obvious? This question, of course, can be condensed into a much shorter question: how much roof maintenance is enough?

So, how much is enough? Let’s talk about that:

How Much Roof Maintenance Is Enough?

As a general rule of thumb, you should be looking at your roof once a year for active problems such as missing shingles, broken down shingles, damaged flashing, missing or damaged nails, and any other obvious signs of wear and tear.

Of course, this advice may seem a bit excessive to some people. However, the added time you’ll spend on upkeep will be more than worth it in the long run. Even if you haven’t necessarily noticed anything wrong or out of the ordinary, you can always check the roof for any of the signs above, as this is your basic level of required inspection.

That said, a good way to know how much you need to do is to know the condition of the roof. This is where inspection comes in. With a professional inspector, your roof can be thoroughly checked and analyzed for any problem points or issues that need immediate fixing. And, of course, if your roof is subject to more stress, more inspections may be needed for fixing, and if your roof isn’t under that much stress in the first place, you may need less.

Reactive Maintenance Vs. Proactive Maintenance

Now, you’re probably wondering whether reactive or proactive maintenance is better for your roof. After all, while both are two different types of maintenance, they still revolve around keeping your roof in good shape!

That being said, they both seem to have their own pros and cons, so it may be hard to figure out which one is better. Well, the truth is, both are better! Basically, proactive maintenance ensures that problems that are slowly arising are quickly caught and addressed, while reactive maintenance gets fixes done as soon as symptoms occur.

Typically, proactive maintenance is done by you. This means that you’re inspecting the roof by yourself to see if things look alright. Of course, you’re looking for signs that may point to a problem. On the other hand, reactive maintenance happens when you hire someone to fix a problem that has occurred.

Now, what happens if both work in tandem? Not only do you reduce the risk of problems getting worse, but if a problem does occur, it can be fixed right away. These two together work incredibly well in not only ensuring your roof is in good condition but that you maintain your roof’s warranty!


Your roof is an essential part of your property. It not only provides a great line of defence against the elements, but it also provides an aesthetic touch. As such, keeping it in good condition is very important.

Now, the question is: how much roof maintenance is enough? Well, you know it is enough when you can sit back on your office chair and feel at peace knowing that you are safe under the roof! If there is any worry about your roof being problematic, take action and get it addressed. Even if you discover no problems, you’ve put effort into ensuring that your roof is in good condition, which helps ensure your warranty stays put.

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