A Blast From The Past


When you mix service and quality, then stir it up, the result is Wilderness Roofing.

That is the recipe company owner Jeff Charlebois and his team of 60 professionals have used to build a track record during the past eight years in Saskatoon and area.

“When we arrived here eight years ago there was a serious lack of service in our industry,” Jeff said. “People were waiting months on end, for not only a quote but also any agreed work to be completed!!”

“Looking around the city back then with all those roofs loaded with material, months on end, it was a real eyesore for the community, for the customer and for their Neighbours. After realizing there was a service issue in the industry, that became the Wilderness Roofing mandate!!”

“We wanted to serve fast and professionally, and have work done in a timely manner. We resourced more people — found the best — and now we have over 60 men working at a time when the community needs it.”

He said there are plenty of roofs that need to be done and some quickly to meet the deadline for insurance claims. Service can become essential for consumers and their homes!

“We found an immediate response was the only answer and built a framework and a formula for our company to do just that. That has boded well for the company because now we are renowned as the place to go for your one-stop shop. We have the roofing which is complemented with eaves troughing, soffit and fascia, plus vinyl and Hardie siding. Then, we top up the insulation in the home as well as suppling and installing a new concrete driveway. Then, we can build you a beautiful new quality deck and also provide professional exterior painting.

And Wilderness has specialists in each of these areas.

“The capacity for us to have Wilderness Roofing Workers for all those trades in-house is the difference. That’s given us the reputation of professional and efficient quality work!!”

“I have built the company on referrals and signage. The company has a great name out there and a brand which people recognize. That has earned us the right to show up and give you a fair quote. It’s going to be competitive and come with quality work.”

Jeff stressed the fact his men don’t leave a site until everything is cleaned up and the customer is smiling.

“When you get a job booked with Wilderness, you’re getting Wilderness men, Wilderness trucks, Wilderness trailers. And that gives you a peace of mind, knowing we haven’t subcontracted out the work to the lowest bid for your house. Knowing who is coming is really reassuring for a community. Big or small, repairs or commercial work, we are able to do it and meet the needs of every single customer. With Wilderness you know what you are getting!!”

There have been a lot of customers over the past eight years. Wilderness has completed over 8,400 jobs, spread out over Saskatoon and area, Prince Albert and lake country. That is a lot of smiles!

Jeff was born in Ottawa and graduated from Carleton University. He was living in Kelowna when the Saskatchewan opportunity arose.

“When there was the big new construction boom out here in 2011, I was out here visiting for four days. When I left I had booked a substantial amount of work in short order. So I shuffled some people around in Kelowna and brought out families because there was a genuine opportunity here that wasn’t available in B.C. From Day 1 we took the opportunity, ran with it and have never looked back.”

He said he wants to emphasize his company’s service.

“You don’t have to wait two weeks for a quote. You don’t have to wait two months for a roof. We have the biggest labor force in our industry. We have the capacity to do work in short order. We’re averaging over 1,200 complete jobs a year and are ready for yours!!”

He said every year has been a better year than the previous one.

“You want to celebrate that with community. You want to thank over 8,400 happy customers and thank them for their referrals. I get a number of calls daily from people who were sent by customers. And that tells you a lot. In a nutshell, that sums it up. We are doing it right!!”

“We’re the loudest, proudest group of trucks, trailers and signs that you will see in the community for a reason; because we back it up.”

He has a monster truck on many sites. It’s interesting to see and is another advertising tool. He’s proud of his company’s signs being on lawns when he leaves a site.

Jeff said he has been blessed to have a strong work force.

“Some people say it’s a lifetime to find the right group. I really have professionals who take pride in their work and some of these guys have been with me for up to 17 years.”

He said the way departments are set up every manager of each division runs the crews.

“My faith in those people goes without saying. Brett Wilson once said in a book I read that the biggest resource of any company is its people. That is something I have implemented in my life philosophy.”

Jeff said he loves the difference in the look of a home when his crews finish their work.

“We’ve been painting in Saskatoon for eight years and haven’t gone back for any touchups. It tells you the professionalism and the preparation that is involved in that painting has been lacking in the community a lot of times.”

Jeff said he gives every quote to a customer himself. He was recently at the HomeStyles show for every minute from start to finish. He wants to be the first point of contact for his customers. His pride in Wilderness shines when you hear him speak about the company.

Wilderness is one of very few companies doing big business where the owner answers every call. “I try to have consistent focus. That will reap rewards. I love what I do and I passionately push my company hard!” he said with a laugh. “The relationship Wilderness Roofing has attained with Saskatoon is one of great energy! We are eager to earn your business!!”

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